Stone Walls & Retaining Walls: For Function and Beauty

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Water Features

Permanence, Elegance and Timelessness

Outside and retaining walls can be functional and decorative, serving to provide privacy, security, separate yards into distinct areas, or to hide unattractive features or constructions, like a road or shed. Stone is a natural choice that provides a sense of permanence, elegance and timelessness while complementing your home and landscape in a variety of materials, evoking your own personal tastes. We provide professional & custom stone masonry, installation, restoration & maintenance services including:

Stone walls
Retaining walls
Garden walls
Decorative stones
Stone BBQs
Stone Fireplaces

The Idea Begins With You

We are at your disposal for making your stone wall a reality – however, the vision begins with you. We can build whichever you decide, including:

Straight Lines
Convex Curves
Circular or Semi-Circular Design
Concave or Convex Curves
Zig Zag
Curved Lines

For inspiration, take a look at walls of friends or neighbours (don’t be shy about taking photos) – or perhaps try looking online for some stone wall ideas . For the latest trends, talk to Marc Lamers or our team about projects we’ve completed for similar properties on comparable terrain.

For Your Consideration

Stone walls do more than simply create a beautiful enclosure. They also act as something of a natural heater, absorbing heat from the sun during the day, then releasing it in the evening and night, helping to elevate the temperature of your outdoor space.

That being said, here are some things to keep in mind when planning your stone wall system.

  • Easy Access
    While stone walls offer excellent privacy, think of your access points and the width necessary for exiting them. This may include patio or inside furniture, bicycles and more – leave enough room to easily come and go.

  • Additional fencing
    For certain areas, additional fencing may be required – particularly along retaining walls where someone could fall from the edge. A safety barrier is prudent in such cases.

  • How high?
    Be careful not to obscure sightlines or views within your landscape. Depending on the height, the wall can create a sense of seclusion – or if too high – imprisonment. We can work with you to determine the ideal height.
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