Accentuate Your Outdoor Space with Water Features

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Water Features

Landscape Water Feature Design

Imagine creating a backyard sanctuary, complete with a babbling brook, tranquil pond or cascading pond or waterfall. Water features can help unify and bring harmony to your outdoor space through the careful place placement of stone, rock and a variety of plantings which serve to link the water feature with your home and property. We offer landscape water feature design, materials, installation and maintenance for front yards, back yards, gardens and patios including:

  • Landscape ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Outdoor fountains
  • Rock Gardens
  • And more

Why Choose Water Features?

Water features bring lively sound, movement and a sense of peace to any outdoor space. Those who have chosen water features often find them one of the most rewarding aspects of their garden or backyard property. Plus, garden features:

  • Give the sense of an expanded living space
  • Provide beautiful views from inside and out of the home
  • Creates harmony among disparate outdoor spaces
  • Attracts birds, butterflies
  • Creates a focus for outdoor gatherings and engagements
  • Adds value to a home

“Don’ts” of Water Feature Design

While a well-thought out, planned and designed water feature can highlight and accentuate, poorly planned and executed water features can only serve to detract from your space.

Here are some red flags when planning your design.


"Don’t go overboard with large surrounding plants. This starts with the careful selection of plants and consideration not only of their size now, but down the road."


"Choose a theme & follow it. Whether Japanese Garden or French Chateau style is to your preference, maintain your theme through your features, materials & the accompanying vegetation."


"Less is more when it comes to accessories and colours. Follow a colour scheme throughout."


"Blending formal and informal accessories or features is not recommended. That means roman columns and garden gnomes don’t mix!"


Garden Feature Vegetation Cheat Sheet

When discussing the types of plants and vegetation for your water feature with a professional landscaper, it’s helpful to know the three major types. These are:

Plant Marginals: These are the plants that line your pool, fountain or waterfall and help provide context and framing for your main focal point.

Free Floating Plants: Plant life that lives on the surface of the water, think water lillies and the like. These provide a happy home for a variety of life.

Oxygenating plants: These are the hard-working plants of your water feature that live beneath the surface of the water. These help to remove unwanted algae and carbon dioxide from the water, while providing live-giving oxygen.

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